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Design Packaging For A ZERO WASTE FUTURE

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Our motto

From processes to materials, everything becomes important when you consider the environmental impacts of packaging.

When we look for solutions we not only think of better materials but also ways to use the existing materials by making supply chains sustainable. 


We understand that packaging design needs to be equally creative and practical; Our design process is creative within boundaries of Price, Possibility, and Planning.

Think Simple

Think Sustainable



We know how complex change can be, which is why we are here to

make it easier for you.


Design . Innovate . Consult . Strategize


The Team

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Abhishek Agrawal


Founder at Pappco Greenware, India's first 100% compostable food packaging brand. Expert in new materials & technology.

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Natasha Jadhav


Industrial Designer with specialization in product design. Passionate for the environment and sustainability.

We seek like-minded
entrepreneurial clients.